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operation theater of common inclinations

site specific installations and photographic prints

installation | photography  | research | illusion | archive

looking back at this project i can see how its motivation corresponds with my own personal quest to understand my subconscious desires and motivations. at the time when participating at a residency in hisk, a post-academic art institute in belgium, i found myself overflown with reflective thoughts, digging deeper and deeper into my own mind and searching for reasons behind my own personal actions.


operation theatre of common inclinations explores the seven sins, or inclinations, which have to be conquered in order to establish a well-functioning society, where one can sacrifice their own needs for the good of others. the series consists of seven pieces. each exploring a deadly sin and investigates the nature of this vice through visual metaphors and personal associations, a quest for primal desires and motivations. by exploring the features that are expected to be suppressed in order to build a healthy society, i tried to get closer to understanding the notion of being a human.


while technology provides possibilities for disembodiment, humans remain a type of animals who have managed to create a new kind of social system. this requires mankind to overcome some of their natural, animal habits, inclinations, and tendencies, and follow the rules that enable the system to make life better for everyone. nevertheless, even when suppressed, the primal urges and desires remain persistent. in my quest towards understanding, i found the visual manifestation of the project in the form of site-specific installations, resembling altars and evoking excitement and potentially even fear. these installations became doors to the hidden, subconscious worlds of associative and intuitive thinking.



Greed small.jpg


illusion plays an important role in these series of installations. from a single point of view installation appear as flat images but once one starts to move, they reveal three dimensionality and surprise with depth. i call these photogenic installations as they evoke the desire to photograph them. and always satisfy with the result. 

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