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Each day, I write a morning letter — a daily delight of unapologetic honesty and insatiable curiosity, revealing my own unfolding. I dive deeper into mundane experiences while practicing and embodying Radical Innocence. I share intimate thoughts and discoveries I make along the way, building my connection with what this Radical Innocence is and how I can live it.

In the process of discovering how to practice life, be a human, and become an animal, I drift along to connect the dots, relate, feel with me, wrestle with complexity, and experience both mourning and laughter.

Give your day a new thought — sometimes clumsy and impulsive, sometimes clever and to the point. Be curious, courageous, and often existentially awkward. Watch me cry as I drift towards uncertainty, confront existential awkwardness, and reveal my blind spots

ready to drift along?  

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