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2020 -2021


daily newsletter exposing my internal movements to the external gaze

writing | research | inquiry | education | praxis 

In the serious of one year I was writing in 2020-2021 I dedicated myself to a writing practice and opened up my internal explorations to the wider audience. Each morning I wrote a letter — a daily delight of unapologetic honesty and insatiable curiosity, revealing vulnerable unfolding of my being in an attempt to understand my actions, learned behaviours and those of others. I dove deeper into mundane experiences while creating a framework which later became a practice of Radical Innocence.


I shared intimate thoughts and discoveries, I was making in the process of these internal investigations towards embodying and practicing Radical Innocence which comprises a set of principles and values that guide me in my personal life and professional practice.   

Writing became a way for me to discover my own ways of how to practice life, be a human, and at times become an animal. While drifting in my own rivers I invited the readers to join and move along to connect their own dots, relate, feel with me, wrestle with complexity, and experience both mourning and laughter that fills their personal experiences.

These letters, at times clumsy and impulsive, sometimes clever and to the point, became a collection of honest observations and a representation of an internal search for meaning. I used a gaze of the audience to pull out insights and commit to a disciplined routine. Showing up in what is, daily without exceptions. At the moment my writing practice is undergoing reshaping and might be revitalised in the future, I therefore leave an opportunity to subscribe to my newsletter in case my story caught you interest.  


For now, explore the archive of my writing and watch me cry as I drift towards uncertainty, confront existential awkwardness and reveal my blind spots. 

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