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glad you are here,


let's find out if we have a shared journey ahead of us. 


in the past decade i have been building a continuous ever-changing practice focusing on increasing degrees of freedom through exploring the range of possibilities for things to exist.


my work has transdisciplinary nature and includes intuitive, creative thinking which i organize in layered structures and aesthetic manifestations.​ alongside my artistic practice i offer teaching, mentoring, creative and mental guidance for those who need support in moments of major setbacks or a slight instability.


i create unique trajectories to overcome difficulties, creative blocks, uncertainties or emotional dips and also share moments of joy and excitement which might lead to new projects. as a mention i aim at healing to realign personal vision, revive meaning, revitalise energies and intrinsic motivations. 


i am curious to discover alternative perspectives by breaking thinking and acting patterns, leading to a rediscovery of off the grid joyfulness.

using various techniques rooted in psychology, sociology, art, cognitive science and other disciplines, i apply an intuitive and playful approach, creating an unconventional perspective on personal and professional mentoring.  either solution-oriented or developmental trajectories, long or short term, i am guiding through a process of discovery and change, accompanying challenging times or sharing delightful moments. ​


looking for an unconventional coaching, mentoring of your projects or simply a talk to restore the energies, test ideas and practice honest conversation? 


up for a gentle, loving disruption with bits of radical honesty in a state of amplified presence?

fire walk with me​

in a nutshell:

what do i have to offer?

unconventional mentoring for individuals and couples which includes wide range of practices aiming at increase of freedom and sense of agency. I provide guidance trajectories and one time sessions, facilitate project guidance as well as guiding through ongoing existential waves. 

who will benefit?

artists, writers, creatives, brave corporates, anyone who feels resonance with my approach. I work with couples as well as individuals.

what can we adress?

meaning crises, creative blocks, fears and uncertainties, existential transitional moments. Internal conflicts, doubt, stuckness and lack of passion. We can decide what we want to do with each other and change as new ideas arise. Unpacking guilt driven motivation, looking into shame and shaking your inner rebellious non-conformist reconnected with values and principals is one of my favourite things to do.

how do we do that?

by following fluid tailored trajectories in the form of conversations, exercises, exchange of experiences, thoughts and aspirations. individually or in a group setting. it is also possible to have a single conversation without following a trajectory. 

what are the tools?

amalgamation of various disciplines such as sociology, psychology, art, cognitive science, enriched with eastern philosophies, somatic practices, movement, everyday wisdom and empathy, affirmation

where do the sessions take place?

I hold the sessions in my studio in Amsterdam. Sometimes I like to include interesting environments to arrive to a deeper insights. I am open to online encounters but have a strong preference for physical presence.  

what are the costs?

140 euros for 1 and half hour session. Sessions are not covered by the dutch insurance system. If you like to meet me but financial burden is to heavy at the moment, feel free to send me a message sharing your thoughts and motivations I am open to other ways to enable connection. 

Found the resonance and ready to act?  

Would like to have me daily in your mailbox?

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