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all year round

continuous recording of 1 year timespan  

installation | automation | archive | photography | research 

i started this project in a moment when i believed photography can be an unbiased, truthful and accurate tool of depicting reality. i wanted to prove this statement and create the conditions where mechanical recording can take a leading role and my choices would be minimized and, perhaps, even eliminated. i placed my camera on the window and decided that i will record whatever is happening in front of it for the duration of one year. the project eventually took many unexpected turns and became a novel study and representation of the notion of time, mechanical reproduction, aesthetics and dedication. it consists of 365 photographic works of the same view of the IJ waterway in amsterdam, offering a literal overview of a year. it acts as a visual archive of all the details and events recorded by the camera during that period of time. the project is presented as a spatial installation, offering both the opportunity to experience time as momentum, as well as a continuous and repetitive process where day, night, nature and changing weather conditions alternate organically. in the project, i combine the mechanical logic of the camera with a romantic sense of impermanence. from the window of my apartment, a camera took 2,000 automated pictures of the IJ every day. these pictures were organised in chronological order, creating panoramic ribbons of the passage of time. the start and the end of the day mark the frame of the image, producing what looks from a distance like strips of tone and colour that vary depending on the time of day with a total length of 21,9 km. the project has resulted in two manifestations, a spatial installation exploring the poetic side of this work and a digital archive highlighting my rational qualities reinforced by observation and analytical thinking.

All year round thiner strokes.jpg

all year round has resulted in two forms remarkably contrasting with each other. both evoke different emotions and trigger different thoughts. one is rational. a digital archive where the curious ones can explore all the finding in detail. i build a system to categorize and browse through immense amount of data recorded during one year while project was running. apart from the archive you can read a philosophical reflection on the work by caroline von courten. (click on the button to dive into the archive)

and second manifestation of the project explored poetic and experiential approach. i've built a large scale installation where i organised all the taken images chronologically and condensed them into a saturated area in space inviting people to look at time in an unconventional way. visitors of the exhibition literaly could step in to the year and become embraced by visualisation of time. 

this short video was made by foam, photography museum in amsterdam, to accompany my exhibition. you can get an brief impression and hear my thoughts behind the work.

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