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pantheon zero one

unique polyester jacquard tapestries

photography | tapestry  | glitch 

'Athens' Ola Lanko.JPG

nietzsche's famous statement "god is dead" together with the growing contemporary discourse in philosophy of technology triggered me to begin an investigation into the origins of god's personifications. looking at the qualities obtained by greek gods, such as eternal life, teleportation and prediction of events reminded me of the directions that contemporary technology, social strategies and scientific experiments have taken. here we are hundreds of years later taking the position of god and, with the help of technology, acquiring the desired super powers. i chose ten of the most used algorithms and had them assimilated to the characteristics of greek gods. the resulting series include ten images depicting these gods. for instance, merge algorithm was applied to kirke, the god of transformation, and linking algorithm to the goddess of communication. later the images of greek statues were exposed to a glitch - an accidental mistake that provides a visual manifestation of a broken data resembling an algorithmic deity communicating with us through corrupted bits. 


the resulting images carry traces of the past, but are touched by the now. using an old machine weaving technique i create a discrepancy between the warm tactility of fabric and distant digital aesthetics. pantheon one zero shows an abstract, non-referential and mysterious creation of a supreme algorithmic deity. a series of everlasting images to contemplate and worship the sublime nature constituted by data. a visually triggering jacquard fabric, made out of plastic fibers carrying the new history that can’t be comprehended without the secret knowledge of code.

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