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site specific installation at ing hq in amsterdam

photography | installation | collage | archive commission

pathways_ola lanko_ing 1.jpg

total amount of photographs:

202 plates
total weight installation:

550 kilograms

14m h x 2,5m w x 50cm d

in the world where the feeling of connectedness became an essential feature that describes human condition, infrastructure that facilitates this state becomes of the utmost importance and requires a special attention. pathways are important structures that connect people and enable free movement between places. these always have to be reliable, secure and function flawlessly. people don’t think about the complexity of the construction of the road while using it, nevertheless it is always present and maintains to secure its stability and reliance. we often take things for granted especially when they function well. nevertheless behind this well functioning structure one will find complexity of a higher order. 

in pathways i visualize these processes, creating a collective path. all the images are be printed on semi transparent panels, blending naturally with the architecture of the building. each individual image within the installation will play an important role in the whole, symbolizing the importance of the individual pieces. the passage of time brings the notion of the season and change to the installation. pathways is an emotional work made out of non-emotional images proving that pure human emotion is formed deeper beyond the surface of an image. the installation is a monumental piece, which merges and expresses the feeling of belonging, connectedness, nature and power of an individual in the complex structure. 

the visual path comprised of architectural elements and lines leads peoples gaze through the installation providing calming effect as there is no one single solution of move through the images in the installation. multiple possibilities to connect are possible and always there, installation is there to remind about it to her viewers. 


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