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site specific installation 

photography | installation  | illusion | archive


mountain is a three-dimensional collage comprising hundreds of photographs of depicted landscapes from all over the world. the installation is an assemblage created from images made by different people which are accessible on the internet for all sorts of reasons. already with its invention photography became a handy tool to fulfil people's desire to keep the memory about visited places. the photograph became a kind of a souvenir that can be taken home from adventures and travels. through time little has changed in people's desires. the only thing that has changed is the amount of images that have risen enormously and more places than ever have been appropriated through photography. today it is possible to talk about a virtual copy of the world composed from numerous images that is constantly growing and making the model more and more complete. mountain is a photograph of a landscape taken in this virtual environment, a new type of picture that depicts the results of modern developments in visual culture. one of the many beautiful vistas that can be found in the visual model of the world created and maintained collectively.

Ola Lanko_Mountain_small.jpg

about 350 images found online arranged into a hanging installation adjustable to spaces of various dimensions

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