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intelectual midwifery

transformation | collaboration | dialogue | guidance | writing  

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intellectual midwifery

speaking when speaking through

the name intellectual midwifery is a homage to socrates who explained that his role was that of a philosophical midwife, not to tell people what the truth is, but rather to help them get out the truths that are already inside them.

for the duration of a year (2021) I was trying to master an ambitious position to take on the role of a midwife. reinforced by theory, personal experience in self-inquiry and learning-as-i-go methodology, i provided attention for those who are in the process of intellectual labour. while keeping the continuity of my own transformation, looking for meaning and making sense of the world, i applied different forms of knowledge to build tools and pathways for others to use. project became an investigation of one to one transference of impact in a peculiar container established by the artistic context.  

in these amplified moments of amplified presence I was exploring existential dilemmas and paradoxes with total strangers aiming at tapping into the realness of human to human interaction. it was an exciting endeavour that led to multiple encounters and deep honest conversations that oftentimes felt uncomfortable yet lured the audience into participation.  

intellectual midwifery is a process, constantly in movement. finding being in becoming. while working as an intellectual midwife I was writing personal letters, sharing my own process or encountering uncertainties and confronting presence. these letters are available as an archive open to explore. 

this project evolved into a practice I called Radical innocence which is aimed at marinating continuity of conversations rather than single encounters with the strangers. 

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