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intellectual midwifery

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speaking when speaking through

the name intellectual midwifery is a homage to socrates who explained that his role was that of a philosophical midwife, not to tell people what the truth is, but rather to help them get out the truths that are already inside them.

for the upcoming 365 days (started on 8 march 2021) i am embarking on an ambitious quest to take on the role of a midwife. reinforced by theory, personal experience in self-inquiry and learning-as-i-go methodology, i provide care for those who are in the process of intellectual labour. while keeping the continuity of my own transformation, looking for meaning and making sense of the world, i apply different forms of knowledge to build tools for change and make them accessible for everyone.  

intellectual midwifery is a process, constantly in movement. finding being in becoming. those who feel there is more to explore, question what is real and what is not, open for disruptive change and willing to find their way to be.


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