diptych in love

collaboration platform

potgieterstraat 47H amsterdam

gastronomy | collaboration | transdiscipline | performance | exhibition 

from the begining diptych was built on quite an introverted structure. for most of the time i worked alone as i had

to figure out the process and set the first building blocks that would define the experience. along the learning operations came surprising discoveries, sets of new skills and challenges facing the new medium. however, after a year and a half I felt the urge to physically and conceptually open up to other artists and use diptych as a platform to develop new ideas. i wanted to bring in different voices and was curious to see how others can interpret the framework that diptych offers and be inspired by it. from this desire diptych in love was born. 

diptych in love is a collaborative platform driven by raw passions manifesting in a gastronomic experience and artistic expressions. in 2020 i invited six artists masha ru, afra eisma, comfort ball collective, alexandra hunts, ernests vilsons and confusion of tongues (marthe prins & benedikt wieshaupt), to set up their studio at diptych for a month. as a result of our collaboration an autonomous body of work presented at a special event emerged. inspired by each of the artists' practices i developed an 11-course dinner and special open event which translates artistic expression in edible matter and immersive experience. for time of the collaboration, the restaurant was transformed into a working studio, a presentation space, a dialogue platform and a dining room. becoming a place which exists between different disciplines, where a conversation and experimentation take place and visitors are welcome to become part of the process. 

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in love

in the time when physical movements are restricted i decided to explore virtual space as a tool for intuitive flowing exploration. Website dedicated to diptych in love is a visual essay that takes you onto an inspirational journey where you can meet the artists in an unconventional manner (click on the logo to dive in)

during first event that took place in july 2020 masha ru brought their collection from the museum of edible earth to diptych and together we paired the soils with salts. on the special event visitors could taste all the varieties, indulge into pure earth-earing by eating earth directly from the wall or treat themselves for a clay ice cream i was making on the spot. we built a playground where people's conceptions about food, traditions, norms and taboos where challenged in a playful and light manner.   

to be continued...