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diptych in love

collaboration platform

potgieterstraat 47H amsterdam

gastronomy | collaboration | transdiscipline | performance | exhibition 

diptych in love emerged from my project  diptych which was at first was following an introverted structure. for most of the time i worked alone as i had to figure out the process and set the first building blocks that would define the experience. along the learning operations came surprising discoveries, sets of new skills and challenges facing the new medium. however, after a year and a half i felt the urge to physically and conceptually open up to other artists and use diptych as a platform to develop new ideas. i wanted to bring in different voices and was curious to see how others can interpret the framework that diptych offers and be inspired by it. from this desire diptych in love was born.

diptych in love is a collaborative platform driven by raw passions manifesting in a challenge of an experience and artistic expressions. in 2020 i started to invite artists to set up their studio at diptych for a month and work together on a new project. so far i have been in love with earthy masha ru, wild afra eisma, balanced comfort ball collective, enigmatic alexandra hunts, contemplative ernests vilsons and radicalizing marthe prins

in love

started as a physical space, in the time when physical movements are restricted i decided to explore virtual space as a tool for intuitive flowing exploration. i consider diptych in love as a a visual exploratory essay that takes you onto an inspirational journey where you can meet the artists in an unconventional manner. natural drift towards a virtual environment, opened up the possibilities of digital realm, making connection and evoking senses without senses. in close collaboration artists are challenged to build their project in non-physical space without compromises, finding a unique way to utilise and cherish this non-physicality. 


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i am constantly looking for love, do you think we can make it work between us?

share your thoughts on why you think we are a good match and lets see if the magic happens.


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