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HSL*: high

EE**: N

Highly intelligent and powerful type.


Similar to the Architect she is fully aware of hypnotism and engaged in its creating, The main difference is that the Tyrant doesn’t have good intentions and her decisions are driven by desire for world domination. Attraction to power makes her vulnerable and even weak. The Tyrant knows that and reacts with aggression to keep the positions intact. Usually people don’t engage directly with her and most don’t even know about her existence. In religion or folklore this figure is represented as an evil force that bring out all the impurities out of human beings.


If this is your type, please stop doing what you are doing and join the bright side. If this is not an option, fall in love and surrender.

*HSL (hypnotism sensitivity level)

**EE (encounter effect: N: negative P: positive I: indiferent)

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