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immersive site specific installation

basement zeilbrug amsterdam

photography | installation | video | sound | experience | sculpture 

i've always had an interest in building immersive experiences where people could be consumed by and dissolve into the space to forget about anything else, if only just for a moment. the idea of affecting people's daily routines and creating an opportunity to take the step into something rather unfamiliar and unknown triggers me. before developing the work shelter, i got an opportunity to utilise a peculiar location which had limited access under normal circumstances. i built an installation under the bridge in the west of amsterdam where i was given full freedom to explore the possibilities of the space. this lead to the combining of multiple media, such as photography, sound, light and video to create work that would activate all senses while triggering thoughts and emotions within the visitor. to me this project is a playground, an important step in my development where i could reinforce my ambitions to work on large scale installations.

shelter is an imaginary space, hidden underneath the ground and protecting from prying eyes. an exciting speculative reconstruction of a post-apocalyptic ark, where one tries to trace the ghosts of the past, find the explanation for the present while stepping into the future. place where time changes its tempo and objects lose their value. sanctuary invented by intuition, logic and primal drive. in the time of acceleration and a fest of the superficial, shelter is the place where humans can free their curiosity in silence and tranquility can be found.

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