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HSL*: high

EE**: P

Lively, energetic, curious and flexible.


At times too playful and irresponsible. Usually highly intelligent and even if not, knows how to make up for it. Knows well she is under hypnotism and able to shift between different paradigms. She is not intimidated by any controlling powers but lacks global morals. At times play for play’s sake is the main goal. Can be morally strong and focused but this is not so common. The act of play takes over and she is in constant chase for pleasure, fun and joy. She is constantly expanding her collection of various modalities, exploring and deconstructing hypnotic techniques and methodologies.


If this is your type, use your capacities to evoke real change in the world. Help people to learn Shapeshifting skills and play responsibly. Find a playground to use your spirits in the best possible way, which will be imbedded in the wider world context. Write a children’s book or become an educator.

*HSL (hypnotism sensitivity level)

**EE (encounter effect: N: negative P: positive I: indiferent)

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