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Roelof Knol

io ola lanko

Project proposal



by io ola lanko & Roelof Knol



A Line of a Butterfly



"A Line of a butterfly," a collaborative project between trans disciplinary artist Io Ola Lanko  and visual artist Roelof Knol. For the residency program artists will combine their complementary qualities and create an immersive living multi-sensory installation. 


The audience, space and the elements within the installation will involuntarily intertwine and interlock, constructing an ever changing structure of movement that feeds on mathematical calculation, randomness, physicality and interpretation. 


At the heart of projects are two concepts  "A Line of Flight" and a “Butterfly effect”.


The first is a concept of departure – a departure from conventional modes of interaction with nature and a departure from anthropocentric perspectives. Inspired by the philosophical notions of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, this project encourages participants to break free from the constraints of human-centred thinking and embrace the interconnectedness, resonance and of all animal and inanimate matter.  


And the second originates from chaos theory and suggests that small actions or events in one part of a system can have significant and unpredictable effects on another part of the system.  Theory suggests that small actions or events can have significant consequences elsewhere, illustrating the ripple effect and interconnectedness of different phenomena.


Project will consist of three main layers: interactive visual patterns, responsive generative soundscapes and olfactory spatial seasoning. 


Interactive light entities:


As the visitors enter the space, they will be greeted by a range of interactive visual patterns. Animated light entities that will inhibit a space, reminiscent of the intricate designs found in nature, unfold and evolve in response to human movement and interaction. 


Knol’s delicate lines and minimal aesthetics will be inspired by patterns and movements observed in nature during the research stage.


Responsive soundscapes:


Installation will be accompanied by animated soundscapes that transform in real-time. Utilising sensors, these soundscapes will respond to changes in environmental conditions and human presence, creating a dynamic auditory experience. The base for the soundscape will consist of field recordings made during the residency blending organic and electronic elements. Io Ola Lanko will focus on collecting various sonic expressions, low frequency vibrations of the earth, cracking of an old tree, patterns of wind will meet mathematical approach to composition, juxtaposing diversity of methods available to humans to connect with their surroundings.


Olfactory seasoning:


In addition to the visual and auditory experiences, project will incorporate an olfactory layer to adds another dimension and situate the audience within the installation. As a pin is used to pin a butterfly, smell will pin down the viewer disabling the possibly ti escape the effect of the space on the body.  Smell is penetrating, inevitable and violent which will hopefully remind the audience that we all breath the same air and that undoubtedly connects us.   


Central to the ethos of "A Line of A Butterfly" is the idea of collaborative exploration. The audience is placed into an active position that being a co-creator. Their impact is rendered visible thus their awareness of responsibility for their presence becomes a part of the discovery.


Installation is aimed at destabilising the boundaries between agents of participation, weakening the barriers between things. By creating a framework, wherein interactions and relations are visualised and audiolised, artists make perceivable what is already present in every moment. Installation invites the audience to connect and experience the simple truth that everything around us, is soaked with life. The world is not finished beyond human perceptual apparatus and theoretical knowledge, it flows and continues outside of our abilities. 


Perhaps tuning in and listening how our steps are flowing into a movement of the world will arise a deeper sense of belonging and evoke deep dormant knowledge that we are inseparable from the world in various ways. 

Preliminary experiments (outdoor sound reactive laser projections):

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