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often a feeling pays me a visit; what i see, hear or feel is incomplete, i sense the depth of matter, but it is inaccessible through knowledge or perceptual apparatus.

in those moments i catch a sensation of lightness. i have no other choice but to explore this state curiously, letting nonlogic and alternative epistemology dominate my experience.

besides the “thinking” self and the “feeling” self there is a third something that appears. (what is this self anyways?) something that rounds up the two modes revealing the complexity of a moment.

my intuition tells me, this place is the right place to be. 

what if we take an event, stretch it, take it apart and reassemble it into a new instance? would we be able to intercept this “third something”, a space between knowing and sensing, diving into the void of the unspecified, disintegrated self allowing ourselves to flow freely without hesitations and insecurities of the ego. pursue the matter, investigate the format.  

sound is a perfect vehicle to drive you through. let me get the keys.


axis vacuus


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part of the project that explores the body-mind problem. the investigation consists of images, videos and sounds. accompanied with intimate conversations, scents, temperatures, drinkables & edibles. 

axis vacuus alludes to the the term axis mundi — also called the cosmic axis, world axis, world pillar, center of the world, or world tree — and was greatly extended to refer to any mythological concept representing "the connection between heaven and earth" or the "higher and lower realms. i created these pillars and shapes out of nothing but movement and time (immaterial forces). with this gesture i speak to the lack of substance and foundation in the contemporary world resting on aesthetically pleasing bullshit. this underlying structure that holds the contemporary world leads to a crisis of meaning. by taking away / rejecting the materiality of the world one is bound to end up in delusions and empty unsatisfactory yet alluring and attractive forms.



odours, like shapes and sounds, are perceived at a distance through an external medium; yet in their nature they are intimately related to bodily experience evoking sensations, touching without touch.


the lack of spacial substance, indeterminate nature and irresistible affect grants be the entry to the deeper layer of ones humanness. i collect smells and creating scents to establish a form of non verbal dialogue with the uncontrolled, impulsive and evolutionary mode of our perception. 


what is it like to be a bat?

in response to the crisis situation my diary includes pockets of meaning waiting to be unfolded by anyone who finds them.

is “meaninglessness” the word which will describe the mood of our time? time where god is dead, personal disintegration and desolation changes our bodies, attention is hijacked and violated, mental numbness takes over collective consciousness, moral and fundamental belief systems are distorted and individualised. the loss of spiritual “ecology” of practices and symbolic literacy caused the loss of protection against self-deception, self-destruction, nihilism and despair. 

the responsibility for a meaning construction is given to the individual who must navigate the complexity of the world while working nine-to-five and maintaining family and social life.


mundane circumstances were always in the way of the personal quest for meaning, but existence of institutions of wisdom, mediated through various spiritual practices, helped the individual to find the meaning and nourish the aliveness of being. the shaman, the prophet, the priest or the oracle were fulfilling an important function in society, regulating levels of anxiety caused by the inability to make sense out of the world. today their wisdom is rejected regardless that the necessity of their function remains urgent. 

i believe that an artist is the only surviving occupation that is still commonly accepted as a vehicle for self-transformation and creation of new meaning.



under protection of a mystery