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HSL*: non

EE**: N/I

An undefinable type, as it can change depending on the environment.


She doesn’t have her solid core and individual stability. In a way hypnotism doesn’t work on her because she reacts not to the hypnotic power but to other people. Hypnotism affects her in mediated manner through the behaviours of others. Can be a useful ally to understand our own relationship with hypnotism. Usually in a conversation with the Mirror what feels uncomfortable and confronting points to a person’s weak spots.


If this is your type, it is time to turn the mirror inwards and engage in some deep work. Start with basic awareness and self care. Perhaps join an acting class where you can combine the talent for performance with the acknowledgment of the possibility that we can be in various roles without losing ourselves.

*HSL (hypnotism sensitivity level)

**EE (encounter effect: N: negative P: positive I: indiferent)

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