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Did you ever find yourself in the middle of an action without knowing how you got there? Did you ever suspect that decisions you make are not coming from you? Perhaps you sense that there is a force beyond your humble being that moves your life? Congratulations! You are ready for the secret I am about to reveal.


You are being hypnotised. We all are. Some more, some less, but nobody escapes. We are moved by forces outside of our control. The default mode most people are in is under hypnosis, maintained by various “sleep-inducing” technologies successfully developed by scientific research and progress, passed on by culture and carried out by our capitalist modality.


These forces can be anything ranging from childhood memories to clever algorithms used by social media to make us feel the way they need us to feel. Everything that has a motive to move us in a certain direction without conscious awareness and the ability to resist can have hypnotising effect.


To make a step towards a deeper connection with our own calling, we have to confront our personal hypnotism and acknowledge its existence. I am here to help. Prepare to feel discomfort, unease and resistance, accompanied with loneliness, doubt while revealing your hypnotype. The results might pinch you gently and perhaps point out a direction where you are most vulnerable but don’t fret, my dear friend, and meet it with a smile.

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