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archive salvation force

a speculative organisation with a main goal to revitalise the archive, reveal hidden material and arouse curiosity about archives. ASF is a catalyst to introduce archive and preservation of data in contemporary discourse.

tools | research | reflection | education | praxis 

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as archiving increasingly becomes a regular part of everyones daily routine, so too does the need to rethink the ways in which archives are being used . we are simultaneously archiving and forgetting. every day, billions of new data points are created and preserved, most of which simply ends on storage devices, never to be revisited or reused, and hence forgotten. the act of collection, preservation and accumulation appears to be more important than the information itself. quantity has replaced quality as a standard of measurement, acquiring currency as a means to assign value to information. likes, shares, followers and friends determine the merit of things, people and phenomena in the global virtual archive. In the economy of information, things that are copied acquire greater value as they multiply, judged as they are on their ubiquity rather than on the nature and meaning of their content itself.

owing as much to their operational rules, structure and framework as to the nature of the stored bits of information, archives never contain the full picture of anything. an archive is at once a coherent space and a fractured one. this illusion of completeness is problematic, and limits ones flexibility when working with archives. anxiety over re-contextualising or altering data in any way results in forgetting. yet, a visit to an archive represents the possibility for new perspectives on the contemporary, and the chance to position it on the continuum of time. in an age where questions are being asked of the linearity of time, archives represent a means to explore a complex system of fractured linearities and rearrange them for the creation of new ideas.

one of the outcomes was a tool that i developed for everyone to get playful while working with archives rediscovering their magic and potential. this tool proposes 35 easy ways to reactivate an archive for daily enjoyment. its simple and playful language invites people to lose seriousness and have fun with information, extracting new meaning and get inspired. browse the gallery bellow to see some of the examples of proposed exercises and if you get curious to know more, use the button to download a poster ready to print.

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