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angry rebel

HSL*: low

EE**: P

Energetic and lively type.


Has a sense that there is something imperceivable that informs behaviour but has no idea what to do with it. Intuition for hypnotism combined with the natural drive to change things leads to successful attempts to destabilise the system, but what to do next is unclear. If combined with pessimistic life views, the rebel can feel angry and bitter, prone to cynicism and irony. If optimistic views are prevailing, rebel adds to a productively disruptive change. Hypnotism isn’t in favour of this type because it is difficult to predict her behaviour. Potentially destabilising but not threatening. A lack of future vision and strong organisation makes Angry Rebel a more uncomfortable element for the system.


If this is your type, consider diving into theory before making movements and come up with a clear plan what to do after the revolution is over. Look for connecting with others, take part in group activities. Get a hold of the impulsivity and train critical thinking.

*HSL (hypnotism sensitivity level)

**EE (encounter effect: N: negative P: positive I: indiferent)

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